DIY SEO #3: Brainstorming Keywords

Brainstorming KeywordsThe most important thing you will do in the SEO process is choosing which keywords you are going to target.  Choosing the right keywords can bring your targeted audience and lead to the great success of your website.  Choosing the wrong keywords can leave your website like a barren wasteland with fewer visitors than a showing of Gigli…Less popular than a hamburger at a vegan restaurant…Less traffic than a beach in Alaska in Decem…nevermind.  You get the picture.  You need to pick the right keywords, but where do you start?

Right now you are staring at a blank Word document and it’s time to start filling it up.  We are going to list potential keywords.  Just in case you aren’t familiar with the word, keyword, it refers to any word or phrase that someone might use when searching for something online.  So, a keyword could be a word, like “church” or it could be a phrase, like “energy efficient appliances”.

Think to yourself,

What word or phrase might someone search for when looking for a website like mine?

At this point we don’t want to evaluate what keywords might be more or less popular.  Anything that is relevant is worth writing down.  You want to get as many ideas written down as you can.


  • In our previous steps we determined the objectives of your website and who your target audience is.  Use that information get help you with your keyword ideas.
  • When creating a list of keywords, if you focus more on the longer phrases, it can be easy to miss variations.  So, after listing longer keywords, break them down into the individual words so you can mix and match the different words.
  • Don’t forget plurals.
  • Think like a thesaurus…or better yet, use a thesaurus. is a great resource.
  • Ask other people for input.
  • The biggest part of this step is starting.  Once you start you’ll find that more and more keywords will come.

Today’s Tasks:

  • Write down as many relevant keywords as you can think of.
  • Break the keywords down into individual words and then use those words to create more potential keywords.

Photo by pepe50

What was your experience like brainstorming keywords?

Did you find it difficult or did they come easily?

Are there any techniques you used which you found to be especially helpful?

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