DIY SEO #4: Getting Keyword Suggestions From Your Local Competition

DIY SEO: keyword research - competition researchWhen looking for your competition, you may find some national businesses or ministries listed in the search results.  It makes sense.  If they organization is national, that would also include your local area.  It’s an unfortunate reality that you local organization is competing with national entities.

When looking at your competition for keyword research (as we are now), it’s good to use some national competitors for keyword ideas, but you also want to be sure that some of the sites you look at are local organizations.  You may find some local keywords you hadn’t thought of which national competitors would not be targeting.

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4 Responses to “DIY SEO #4: Getting Keyword Suggestions From Your Local Competition”

  1. Great post! We need more quality companies like yours working on church projects.

  2. Heh, yeah, that’s the fine print! Thorough keyword recearsh is a crucial part of the process, and SEOs do suggest keywords clients haven’t considered and most of the time they’re useful. But there has to be an element of trust there that you’re not being mislead about the value of some 5 word phrase. And if the guarantee is about rankings, not traffic or conversions, what do you really have?

    • There is definitely an element of trust, though one could always do a little personal research to double check. In regards to guaranteeing ranking, but not traffic or conversions, I think it all depends what you are paying for. If you are just paying for SEO services, than a guarantee on conversions is not really reasonable. There are too many factors beyond getting traffic to a site that go into getting a conversion, including the design of the site, the prices, and whether the products are any good.

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