DIY SEO #12: Choosing Target Keywords For Your Business

Choose Your KeywordsAs a business, you may have hundreds, if not thousands of pages devoted to specific products, especially if you are using a shopping cart.  Sure you want to optimize those pages, but creating a list of every page when there are thousands of pages tedious and inefficient.

In our previous steps for determining keyword popularity and keyword competition, we limited the research to just a few products and just a few keywords.  The idea is to find a template for the most common searches for your types of products (e.g. “product name sale”) and apply that to all the products.  It just not worth researching every keyword.

Similarly, it’s not worth creating a list of every product page and deciding on a keyword for each page.  The better solution is to create a list of each type of product page and select a keyword template for each type of page.

For example, for each of your products you may have a couple of different pages, the main product page, a specs page, and a reviews page.  For you list of pages, you would simply list, “main product page”, “product specs page”, “product reviews page”.  You would then select the keyword template(s) for each page.  So, perhaps all main product pages would have the keyword template, “buy product name”.  When optimizing you would then just use that phrase and input the appropriate product name for each page.  Depending on your website building software or if you have a developer that can help you, you may be able to create settings for various aspects of the product pages so that all of the pages are optimized with the keyword templates through one set of settings.  This could save you untold hours of tedious work.

Tip: Typically, product pages have very little content to optimize.  Because of this it’s best to just optimize for one keyword per page on product pages.

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