Google +1 Appears In Google Search Results

Google Plus 1Google announced +1 at the end of March and now has expanded it’s prominence listing the number of people who have 1-up’d (a term I’m pushing 😉 ) a page in the search results regardless of the browser being used or whether you are logged in.

The +1 button is Google’s response to Facebook’s “Like” button which Bing has integrated into it’s search engine.  The +1 button is displayed in Google search results and can be added to web pages.

If you aren’t familiar with Google’s +1 feature, here’s a short video about it:


Daniel Goodwin over at Search Engine Watch wrote up a good description of the +1 change which you can read here:

In related news, has now added the +1 button to our site.  We’d love it if you’d click the +1 button on some of our articles 🙂

One Response to “Google +1 Appears In Google Search Results”

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