3 Ways to Improve Your Content Today

3 Ways to Improve Your Content's PresentationContent is the bread and butter of your website and, in many ways, of your SEO.  Good content gets links.  Links help your rankings.  Good content get’s shares and retweets.  Shares and retweets bring in traffic and help your rankings.  Good content converts visitors into customers / members.  Hey, isn’t that why we do SEO, to get more customers or members?

How you present the content on your website is every bit as important as the content itself.  I’d be willing to bet that if you had the formula to limitless energy but presented the information on a page with no graphics, no sub-headings, lots of long paragraphs, and had a bland title, no one would ever know the secret because no one would ever read the page.

I was reading an article over at SEOmoz where Cyrus Shepherd identifies 10 easy tips to successful copywriting.  These tips are specific ideas that help with which I would summarize into the following 3 essentials of writing content that people will actually read:

1. You need to have a compelling title.
The best content in the world won’t ever even be seen without a decent title.  On the other hand, the worst content in the world can get thousands of visits with a great title.  I read an article the other day with the title, “How Google+ Will Effect Your SEO”.  Intriguing title (at least to an SEO geek like me).  In the end there was nothing to the article, it basically took 500 words to say, “I have no idea”.  Even though the content wasn’t any good, it got readers because it had a good title.

2. Your content needs to be easily scannable.
Most web pages don’t get read, they are scanned.  People are either looking for a specific item on the page or trying to get an idea of what the page is about.  Even visitors who eventually read a web page will start by scanning the page to make sure it’s worth their time to read it.  So, present your content in a way that is able to be easily scanned.

3. Your content has to be attractive.
A good looking page will get people to read it.  This means using interesting pictures and breaking up text by using things like lists and quotes.

To see the ten tips that Cyrus writes about in his article, click the link below:


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What do you think?

What tips do you have for getting more people to read your content?

What tips do you have for getting more people to share and link to your content?

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5 Responses to “3 Ways to Improve Your Content Today”

  1. Great unique content brings value for visitors and very respected by search engines as well, so its a most important thing for SEO purposes

  2. As a content writer, point 2 particularly resonates with me. So often businesses approach me bubbling with enthusiasm about creating regular content. However, as you point out, as soon as things get busy they realise sticking to a content strategy isn't as easy as they imagined – disciplined is required. Unfortunately, I often feel like a nagging coach who needs to prod my clients into action.
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