DIY SEO 13: Optimizing Your Local Org’s Web Pages

On Page SEOLocal organizations have a few additional elements to optimize which focus on your location.

1. Meta GEOcoding
There are meta tags specifically designed to give the location of your organization.  These meta tags are included in the <head> of each page and are the same for every page, so they can just be included in your site’s template:

<meta name=”geo.position” content=”Latitude:Longitude” />
<meta name=”geo.region” content=”Country Abreviation-State Abreviation”>
<meta name=”geo.placename” content=”City, State”>

For the first one, you will need your organization location’s coordinates.  A good site for getting coordinates is

2. Your Address
It’s good to have your address on every page.  This is most easily done by adding your address to the footer of your website template.

3. Map and Directions
Include a map on your website.  I recommend using a Google map.  You can simply look up your organization in Google Maps and get the embed code from them.  The code for their map is recognizable by the Google bot and it also includes coordinates.  In addition to a map, it’s good to include directions both for your human visitors and search engines.  I recommend using both street names and well known landmarks when possible.

4. Your City/Area Name
Finally, try to use your city or area name whenever you can (if it makes sense).  This can be done by including the city name with your organziation (i.e. First Baptist Church in Niagra Falls, NY) or when describing the location of events.  Just think about it as you are writing up the content for pages and look for opportunities to use your city name.

Each of the above ideas reinforces the location of your organization to the search engines and helps with local optimization.

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What do you think?

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Are there any other on-page SEO techniques you use?

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