Google’s Matt Cutts Says Nothing Special About Dmoz

Dmoz Open Directory ProjectHow important is it to get listed in Dmoz (Open Directory Project)?  Some see it as the Holy Grail and others have waved it off like a typewriter or the iPhone 3.  What does Google say?

Nearly since the beginning of SEO there have been certain things that were on the “must do” check list.  One of those “must do” items was get listed in Dmoz, the Open Directory Project because it appeared that Google gave a lot of weight to links from Dmoz.  But in the past couple of years the editing at Dmoz has been a little haphazard, making it difficult, if not impossible, for many sites to get listed.  This has led many SEO’s to wonder if Google still values Dmoz links as much as they used to.  Should Dmoz still be on the “must do” list?

Matt Cutts has given some fresh insight into how Google see’s Dmoz today in a recent video.


Matt explains that (at least at this point) the only reason a link from Dmoz may give you a bigger boost than another source is because Dmoz pages tend to have higher pagerank, but there is nothing inherently special about Dmoz.  A link from any other site that has as much pagerank would be just as effective.  Mat goes on to say,

“It used to be the case that people would have a check list of the links they really wanted to get.  And it’s not that there’s something special or different about the Open Directory Project.  It’s a very well known directory , but it’s not a requirement.  It’s not the sort of thing where you have to get a link from Dmoz.”

I think this puts to rest the idea that Dmoz should be on the “must do” list.  I would still recommend submitting your site to Dmoz.  Why not?  It’ll take you all of about a minute and you might get a link from an established site.  But I wouldn’t sit up nights fretting that my site still hasn’t been listed.

Dmoz is volunteer run and some categories are better edited than others.  There’s a very real possibility that it will take the editor(s) of your niche months to list your site, if it ever gets listed at all.  So don’t sweat it.  If it happens, yeah!  If not, oh well…moving on.  You’ve got lot’s of other stuff you could be doing to get links.

What Do You Think?

Have you tried to get into Dmoz?

Were you successful?

How long did it take?

Do you agree that Dmoz is no longer very important in SEO or do you think it’s still worth some significant effort to get listed?

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