Bing Adds Features To Local Business Portal That Could Help Schools Fundraise

Bing Business PortalBing’s Local Business Portals already had a lot of features.  In addition to the traditional contact info, map, reviews, etc, they offered a mobile website, offers, photos, social connections and more.  But now Bing is testing some new features.

Some of the new features Bing is testing include:

  • Deals with digital loyalty cards: This is like Groupon, but the loyalty card is designed ti increase return customers after the deal.  This is currently only offered in 12 cities.
  • School Fundraisers: This is actually a part of the Deals service.  The idea is that a school either promotes existing deals or recruits businesses to do deals and then the school gets a cut of the revenue.
  • Business service helps: Create business cares, post cards, posters, and more from the info, logo, and photos you already have uploaded to your portal.  Being even coordinates with the local Office Depot for printing.

Mike Blumenthal has a great write up on these new features which you can read here.

What do you think?

Do you think these features will help you with your local marketing?

How much do you use/rely on Bing’s Local Business Portals?

How else could Bing improve their local listings?

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