Ever Wanted to Pick Google’s Matt Cutt’s Brain?

Matt Cutts September Q&A VideoIf you’re in SEO, few things would be better than to get unfettered access to Google information.  Give me an hour to pick the brain of some knowledgeable Googler and I’ll rule the SEO world…or something like that.

Matt Cutts is generally known for being the Google go to guy for SEOs.  He has a blog (which he actually interacts with) and puts out videos periodically answering questions and discussing various Google related topics.

On Wednesday Matt did a Q&A live video session where people could post questions and he would pick some and answer them.  It was pretty cool…cool in a completely nerdy way at least.  Some of the topics covered were:

  • Reconsideration (which we covered in our article, “Google To Give More Info On Penalty Reconsideration”)
  • +1 effect on search rankings
  • Apps or mobile web (HTML5)?
  • How will +1 on ads effect rankings or the ads?
  • Does age of domain names, links, etc. help rankings?
  • When is the next Panda update coming and what should we expect?
  • How should you prioritize the URLs in Google Site maps?
  • He also talked about pinging for blogs and CMS
  • Why doesn’t Google use meta description for listing snippets sometimes?
  • How should we use rel=”author”?
  • How important are the new Top Level Domains (TLDs)?  Do I need to buy my company’s name?
  • Can Google detect Javascript redirects?

So, while you may have missed your chance this time, you can watch the recording of the session below.


Matt also said he was going to try to do these more often.  So, next time I’ll try to let everyone know before hand so they can take advantage of the opportunity.

Have a great weekend and God bless!!

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