Google Slips Slightly While Bing-Yahoo Gain

Google vs BingThe latest Comscore search market share numbers are out for the month of August.  Google is continuing to dominate though they have dropped 0.3% down to just under 65%.  Bing/Yahoo, on the other hand continue to gain ground with a 0.5% increase to a combined total of 31%.  Ask gained slightly to 3% and AOL dropped to 1.3%.  No other search engine gets even 1%.

This continues a trend for Bing/Yahoo which has (when combined) consistently increased their market share each month for the past 5 months with the exception of May when they saw no change.

Google, over that same time period, has seen some fluctuation with gains some months and losses other months, though the trend has been generally downward.  This is the first month they have dropped below 65% (down to 64.8%).  In January Google was got 66.6% of the market share.

What do you think?

Do you think Bing/Yahoo have what it takes to topple Google?

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