Google Auto-Updating Your Listings From Third Party Sources

Google Places Auto UpdatesIs your local listing up to date?  Does it have accurate info?

Google is attempting to keep their local information more accurate.  This week Google announced that they will be using third party information (information from other “trusted” websites) and user information (Internet surfers who submit a change of info to Google) more quickly to keep their local listing information as up to date as possible.

This isn’t actually a new thing for Google, they automatically updated listings before, but usually for unclaimed listings and it took a while (usually around 60 days).  Now, Google will update any listing, claimed or otherwise, and will do it more quickly, though they don’t specify how quickly.

But not to worry.
If you have claimed your Google listing, Google will inform you of the impending change before it’s made.  You also have the ability to login and prevent that change to your information.

This sounds like a pretty positive change for Google Places.  Hopefully, they will be able to keep local information more accurate.  I’m especially pleased that they are notifying business owners before any changes are made and giving them the opportunity to either prevent the change or allow the change to be made.

If you haven’t already claimed your Google Places listing or there is no Google Places listing for your local org, I encourage you to go claim/setup your listing now.  It’s still best if you control the information on your listing for your business / organization. 😉

What do you think?

Do you think this is a good change?

Do you think Google should be changing listings on their own?

Are there any negative effects which might result from this?

6 Responses to “Google Auto-Updating Your Listings From Third Party Sources”

  1. I had a very difficult time getting a category removed from Google Places that I didn't put there. (Finally did sometime last year.) They had put that category in my CLAIMED business listing without telling me; I just happen to see it. People were calling asking for that service, and some became rather upset when they found out I don't offer that service…"Why are you listing it as a service if you don't provide it?" That service and what I provide are close, but definitely not the same. Glad to see that now they're at least going to notify owners of claimed listings before making changes.

    There is so much misinformation out there I don't see why Google would WANT to do this. My situation is an example, as they probably pulled that incorrect category from somewhere I hadn't found yet. (I claim my listing everywhere I can find it and make sure the info is correct.) And my fiend started noticing an incorrect spelling of her business name popping up. She doesn't know where it originated, but is trying to find them all and correct them. Google doesn't know if what they're pulling from "trusted" sites is totally correct or not, so I could see this continuing to be a recipe for a lot more incorrect information being spread.

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