Google Makes Some Minor Updates

The month of August was a pretty calm month for SEO.

Google released a minor update to Panda and refreshed the Panda data.  This was a small update that only effected about 1% of searches.  Google also announced they are going to start penalizing websites which have multiple, legitimate copyright complaints against them.  In other words, if you are “borrowing” content from other sources without proper permission and attribution and you receive several complaints which Google is able to verify, then your site will be penalized in Google’s search results.  Hopeful, you only use original content or content legitimately sourced so this isn’t an issue for you.  It’s better to have original content on your site for other SEO and user reasons anyway.

Probably the biggest news for Google wasn’t a change at all, at least not one they’ve made yet.  Matt Cutts recently stated that there were some big updates on the way, particularly some major updates to Penguin.  He said to expects some “jolts” to be coming soon.  We’ll keep an eye out for any changes and update you when they happen.

Bing stayed pretty constant after having made some major updates in the months prior, like making personal social signals stronger, adding the “sidebar” which can integrate Facebook, and adding instant information in their middle column to make common tasks (like buying movie tickets) easier.  I guess they needed a break.

All in all it was a pretty calm month, but we’ll have to watch for what’s to come.

photo by: JMS2

8 Responses to “Google Makes Some Minor Updates”

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