Hacked Sites Up How Much? Is SEO Still Growing?

Hi, I’m Paul Steinbrueck and welcome to OurChurch.Com’s monthly SEO Update for May 2016, keeping you up to date on what’s happening in the world of search and how it affects you.

First off, it its May which means its NHL hockey playoff time – Go Lightning!

In SEO news, we’ve got some important data regarding hacked sites removed from the Google search results and data that shows whether SEO is on the decline or still rising.

So, let’s get to it…


1) Hacked Sites Up How Much?
Google announced that in 2015 they detected a 180% increase in hacked sites over 2014. How is that relevant to search marketing?

When Google detects a site has been hacked it removes it from its search results, and it attempts to notify the owner of the site through the Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools)

If you have not registered your website with the Google Search Console, make it a priority. If you don’t Google won’t be able to notify you if your site gets hacked and removed from the search results.


2) Is SEO Still Growing?
One of the questions I’m often asked is if search engine optimization is still growing. Is SEO still important or are organizations cutting back their SEO to focus more on other forms of online marketing like social media, paid search listings and email marketing.

According to a recent study by Borrell Associates, companies are spending $65B – with a B – on SEO this year. That’s 3x what was originally predicted back in 2008 for this year.

Additionally, projections are for 10% growth in spending on SEO each of the next 2 years.

The bottom line is, organizations are investing more in SEO because it continues to produce great results and consistently provides good return on investment.

The SEO industry is worth $65 billion; will it ever stop growing?

3) Google Mobile Friendly Update Rolling Out
Just a reminder that as I’ve mentioned in the last 2 updates, Google has announced they will be rolling out a new mobile-friendly update in May. This update will build on the update they released last April, penalizing sites that are not mobile-friendly. So, just another reminder that if your website is not mobile friendly yet, you’re going to want to make it so as soon as possible so your search rankings don’t drop further.

Google Mobilegeddon 2 Coming Soon?

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  1. Interesting article, both hacked sites part and worth of SEO industry. I was surprised to see figure of 65 Billion dollars!