Silent Night (or Month)

It’s Christmas time.  A time for singing.  A time of joy.   A time of peace.  And that’s what we had in the last month, peace.  No major updates in the search engines.  There was one Panda update (they’re coming about once a month now), but it only affected about 1% of all US searches.  Other than that, it’s just another tender, Tennessee Christmas (or whatever state you may be in).

Here are some other things to note that occurred in the past month:

  • Bing announced their webmaster guidelines.  While I guess, technically, this is new, nothing in the guidelines is new.  If you’re doing white-hat SEO and producing good content, then Bing brings you tidings of peace and good will.
  • Bing has been testing different formats for the social bar they added a few months ago.  They are tweak things to try to enhance the social connection with your searching.  Now it’s easier than ever to ask your friends which inn they recommend, though no guarantees on a vacancy.
  • Google moved their search tools from the side to the top of the search page.  There doesn’t appear to be any different functionality, just a different location.  The silly part is that half the tools are just repeats of links Google has in the black bar just an inch above.  So, you have have two ways at the top of the page to search for images of sugar plums.
  • Finally, Google seems to be developing out their Knowledge Graph on a local level.  In case you aren’t familiar, Knowledge Graph is one of the directions Google (and others) are trying to take search called semantic search which tries to understand the relationship of things.  Instead of just presenting search results, on some searches (especially for people, places and events), Google supplements their search results with encyclopedic information and links/information related to the topic for which you are searching.  For example, if you search for Bing Crosby, in addition to a video for White Christmas on YouTube, on the right side of the results you’ll see biographical information as well as other related information and links.

Now that I mentioned White Christmas, I felt like listening to it and thought that you might as well.  So, here you go.

I wish you a wonderful Advent and a merry Christmas.  I’d wish you the gift of good rankings, but rankings just seem silly compared to celebrating the birth of our Savior.  God bless!

photo by: Scott Schram

6 Responses to “Silent Night (or Month)”

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